Perfect Match. Talent.

It takes a company a great amount of time & money to replace a IT Professional.
As an organisation, it is important to distinguish yourself in the current market.
Give your potential colleague a unique view of your organisation.
Do not wait any longer and attract the best IT Professional with DIQQ IT Vacancies.

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Old-fashioned. Misleading. Long-winded.


Transparent. Clear. Innovative.

The goal: a realistic, honest vacancy that stands out.

Reason for leaving.


0has a wrong estimation regarding the activities, beforehand


0is prepared to make a switch for a better salary


% of the Millennials, few see perspective in their current job

Fixing problems. Having expertise.


To get a realistic image of the daily activities and the organisation, our IT Consultants engage in conversation with the employers and employees.


Our media team ensures suitable video images, appealing photos and honest content. This content can be used for your website, sociale media and other job boards.


By expanding this content at different channels - think about Instagram, LinkedIn and more - DIQQ will reach the right IT Professional for every vacancy.