Recruitment. Selection.

When you use the Recruitment & Selection services of DIQQ, we will go all out to find the perfect IT Professional, as fast as possible. Every Recruitment & Selection trajectory of DIQQ consists of a number of components to achieve the best result.

  • Acquaintance

    Getting acquainted is the foundation for a good and longterm cooperation.This means that we, at DIQQ, would like to know (almost) everything about your organisation. Who are you, which methods do you prefer to use and what is it like to work at your organisation? With this information, we get to work and we will make a (pre)selection of IT Professionals who suit your organisation.

  • IT Professional

    By indicating what you prefer when it comes to a candidate, we can, with our experience and expertise, introduce relevant candidates. Every candidate is tested and screened by an IT Recruiter or a Developer, beforehand. Effectiveness and quality are guaranteed.

  • Marketing

    We will start a marketing campaign for every discussed IT vacancy. This means we will expand the IT vacancy in different ways. To do this, we use:
    1. Our network and database (> 15.000 IT Professionals)
    2. Job boards. Think of LinkedIn,, Monsterboard and other (niche) communities.
    3. Social media, such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
    4. Targeting and advertisement.

  • Selection

    We make sure you have all the opportunities to interview the introduced candidates and/or have them make a test. All candidates are technically screened by our own in-house IT specialists, beforehand.

  • Offer

    Found the perfect candidate? An experienced consultant at DIQQ will go through all the contractual obligations to then empower the (new) cooperation.

  • Evaluation

    Recruitment & Selection is customised work, but most of all people work. Naturally, we will do everything in our power to make sure the process runs as smoothly as possible. Since quality and transparency are the pillars of our organisation, we evaluate every Recruitment & Selection trajectory. Together. Comments, compliments, but also possible points of interest are welcome. This way, we build a sustainable cooperation and we improve the process for the future.