Extra capacity, specific knowledge or unique expertise: as an organisation, occasionally, you need it quickly and temporary. Secondment is the solution. At DIQQ we understand that speed and quality are most important, because of this, we will help you fast and effectively to solve your knowledge and capacity shortage. At DIQQ, we work together with a large group of permanent IT Professionals, who work exclusively with us. To find the right IT Professional for your organisation, we follow a number of steps.

  • Acquaintance

    Getting acquainted is the foundation for a good and longterm cooperation.This means that we, at DIQQ, would like to know (almost) everything about your organisation. Who are you, which methods do you prefer to use and what is it like to work at your organisation? With this information, we get to work and we will make a (pre)selection of IT Professionals who suit your organisation.

  • Profile

    Scope is one of the most important concepts within project management. It is also the concept that evokes the most confusion. Range, extent, reach…. It all comes close, but they are all to limited. In a nutshell, the scope determines what the limits are for a certain project. What is still part of the project and what is not? The scope of a project can be defined in different ways, but, eventually, it is determined by what must be achieved with the project. This is why it is important to determine what competences and qualities the candidate needs to master.

  • Selection

    You will get a extensive insight in profiles of IT Professionals that are available at short notice. You will get the opportunity to talk to introduced candidates and/or have them make a test.
    The candidates are technically screened by our in-house IT Specialists, beforehand.

  • Free-Working-Interview

    Sometimes rapidity is required, we also offer a solution for this: the Free-Working-Interview. At a pre-discussed time, our IT Professional will report at your office. After a short explanation of the activities, this IT Professional will get to work. If the IT Professional meets your expectations, this day will count as the first day of his/her project. If you are not satisfied with this IT Professional, you contact DIQQ. One of our consultants will deal with the situation. Naturally, you will not be charged for this.

  • Contract

    When you, as a client, and an IT Professional would like to engage in cooperation, a consultant at DIQQ will set up a contract and put the paperwork to rights.

  • Legal Knowledge (Extra)

    1. Questions regarding the Sequential Liability Act
    2. Other legal questions