Timeportal DIQQ

DIQQ's first year was a great success. The fact that our team has grown over 200%, internal as well as external. A result of this growth is that our backoffice and financial tasks have also grown over 200%. Because of this, we needed to find a way to make our backoffice an financial tasks easier.

Since DIQQ is specialised in IT, a form of automation, using software, was the most obvious solution. With a completely new website, a timeportal was made to make working at DIQQ and working with DIQQ easier and more efficient.

The most important tasks that had the be automated are:

  1. Signing Agreements
  2. Saving Agreements
  3. Keeping record of worked hours
  4. Approving worked hours
  5. Gathering approved time sheets and invoices


When an Interim Professional starts at one of our Clients, both parties will get access to the portal. Unlike before, agreements will be ready in the online environment, where they can be signed with the press of a button. To make the administration as easy as possible for everyone, tje signed agreements are saved automatically and can be downloaded of viewed at all times.

Time sheet

The first week of the new month is hectic for all parties. Worked hours must be handed in, approved and passed on to DIQQ, so that the payments can be put in motion. The goal of the portal is, therefore, to make this process as efficient as possible. The Interim Professional can easily enter his hours per month in the online environment. Besides that, the hours are sent for approval and approved online. When this has been done, the invoice can be uploaded. This has the advantage that all the documents about the payment are well-organised, which makes it clearer for every party.

Obviously, DIQQ has not been idle the past year. Innovating the internal and external processes remains in full swing and the new plans to do so are already in the making.