Testing is craftmanship

In the fast changing IT market in which we work, it is very important to be up to date constantly and to broaden your knowledge: stagnation means decline. At DIQQ, we like to be connected with our target audience, therefore we invite guest speakers to our office on a weekly basis to share knowledge in an interactive setting.

On Wednesday, January 16th, we had the pleasure to meet Julian Baars. He won third prize at the Dutch Software Testing Championship and has been in the business since 1999. He wrote a blog in response to his workshop 'Software testing':

Testing, how does that work?

Everyone has his/her own view on this. What does a tester do? When are you considered a good tester? What is a normal rate? These are some examples of questions that were fired at me during my workshop at DIQQ. They wanted to get a better insight in the world of testing. Through a interactive workshop, I was able to provide this.


After it became clear what testing is (definitely not checking!) and that it is mostly about asking questions, we distinguished the differences between Agile and Waterval. There is an obvious difference between the type of testers that work in one of these work environments. On the basis of, among other things, educations, character traits and job titles, the difference is clarified. We also discussed multiple specialisms. We talked about performance and load testing as well as what security tests are. Web testing and app testing also came up for discussion. Obviously. test automation could not be left untouched. What and how much are you going to automate? Which tools can be used for that? And many more pressing issues came up.


The hour and a half that were reserved for the workshop flew by. The recruiters at DIQQ asked interesting questions. I got the impression that my visit was very useful. That is nice. The recruiters at DIQQ went back to werk with the DIQQ-guarantee in their pocket. As long as they work at DIQQ they can ask me all kinds of question, which will undoubtedly come. A fun experience and definitely a recommendation for other IT professionals.

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