DIQQ stands for Development & IT Quality Quest and was founded on June 1st 2017.

DIQQ focusses on the recruitment of highly educated IT professionals for clients, throughout the Netherlands. We, as an intermediator. strive to bring the supply and demand of IT professionals together in a pleasant way. We want to achieve this by engaging in long term cooperations with clients and candidates.

We see a good cooperation as one of the most important aspects in our discipline. Delivering quality and maintaining a good cooperation are the core values that made DIQQ the company it is today. Other core values are, honest, transparent, personal, rapidity, simple and a growth mindset.

The most important aspects at DIQQ are the agile and scrum meetings that take place multiple times a week. At these meetings, we discus our clients' most urgent requests and offers.

Last, but definitely least, we organise a monthly staff party where the employees can celebrate the successes of the previous period with friends, clients and candidates.

Clients and cooperation

On the current market, organisations struggle to find highly educated IT professionals. Clients of DIQQ are very diverse, among others, Leaseplan Digital, Media Monks, RTL, Carnext and Mollie are the most important clients. Besides recruiting IT professionals, DIQQ also focusses on delivering products and software to clients in cooperation with her partner Sycade. Due to a close cooperation, DIQQ is up to date when it comes to the latest development and news within the IT world. After one year, over a hundred IT professionals are placed at our clients, through DIQQ. Most of them are software developers, but also business analysts, testers and designers, etc.


It is important that a recruitment organisation to differentiatie itself. A way to do so, in this tight market, is by building a strong Employer Brand. Research, done by Waasdorp. Hemminga & Roest (2012), shows that a strong Employer Brand leads to brand awareness, higher quality applicants, more responses on vacancies, a larger talent pool, shorter periods to fill a vacancy, vacancies that are easier to fill and a higher Candidate experience.

“The reputation and image of an organization as it relates to its ability to consistently deliver a positive employee value proposition and attract, engage, and retain talented candidates and employees” – (Brandon Hall Group, 2014). –

In short, DIQQ will make sure that, in the upcoming years, clients, candidates and employees will feel welcome and understood. DIQQ differentiates itself by a good, fast and decent service. DIQQ is planning to grow even more in the future and to keep on differentiating itself in this arched market.